Earth System Science Center and Department of Atmospheric Science at The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Student Presentations – April 15

Student Presentations!

April 29, 2015

12:45 pm;   Room 4065

ATS 781 Student Seminar Presentations – Ten-minute presentations with two minutes for questions.


(1) Charanjit Pabla

Advisor: Dr. Larry Carey

Title: Rain Drop Size Distribution Temporal Sample Sensitivity Analysis on Radar Relations and Gamma Model Parameters

Abstract: Past studies have used 1min drop size distribution (DSD) samples to retrieve radar-rainfall relations largely from empirical experience. The goal of this study is to characterize the sample time influence of continuous disdrometer raindrop measurements to radar relations, such as D0 (Zdr) and gamma model parameter relations, such as µ-Λ. Preliminary results show the bias and standard errors show insignificant variations by performing an experiment for truth vs. fit data.


(2) Bryce Williams

Advisor: Dr. Udaysankar Nair

Title: Planetary Boundary Layer Regimes Conducive to Dust Devil Formation on Mars

Abstract: Dust devils on Mars contribute to maintenance of background atmospheric aerosol loading, cause surface erosion and albedo change, and generate electric fields that pose a threat to the integrity of future NASA missions. Thresholds of the ratio of convective and friction scale velocities are used to identify boundary layer regimes conducive to formation of dust devils both geographically and seasonally.


(3) Leigh Baggett

Advisor: Dr. Robert Griffin

Title: The Relationship between Agricultural Areas and Water Quality in Lake Guntersville

Abstract: This study seeks to examine the relationship between excess nutrients relative to spatial and temporal trends in Lake Guntersville. This study will also determine how farmland and chicken farms are potentially affecting Lake Guntersville. A background review of the literature and an examination of the problem will be presented.


(4) Daniel Cunningham

Advisor: Dr. Phillip Bitzer

Title: Discerning return stroke locations via high speed photography

Abstract: A method is presented which allows for return strokes to be located by use of high-speed photography.


(5) Traci Fehnel

Advisor: Dr. John Mecikalski

Title: Dual Pol Radar Assimilation Experiment on Winter Storm 19-20 December 2012

Abstract: The focus of this experiment is to examine whether the use of dual pol radar parameters, along with reflectivity and velocity have positive impact on a winter storm forecast. The presentation will include background on radar assimilation, the methods for this experiment including an overview of Dr. Xuanli Li’s (UAH) forward operators, and some preliminary conclusions.

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