Earth System Science Center and Department of Atmospheric Science at The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Etten-Bohm named ESS top scholar

Montana Etten-Bohm received the award for the Atmospheric Science Department’s top undergraduate scholar during recent honors day events.

In addition to keeping her grades at the top of her class, Etten-Bohn gave poster presentations on her capstone research at three conferences and symposia: the Werner von Braun Memorial Symposium, the AGU annual conference and the AMS annual conference. Her research looked at the spatial distribution and environmental characteristics of tornadoes spawned by tropical cyclones.

She was named an EPA undergraduate fellow before her junior year at UAH. Through that fellowship she spent one summer in a research internship at an EPA facility in Oregon.

Etten-Bohm also is president and founder of the UAH Profile Sounding Team for Operational and Research Meteorology (UPSTORM), which launches weather balloons for UAH severe weather research and aids in National Weather Service severe weather forecast operations. She also worked through NASA’s SERVIR center with the ISERV telescope team.

A native of Pelham, Etten-Bohm managed to stay busy as a resident advisor, an officer for UAH’s recruiting team, a College of Science Ambassador, a member of UAH’s crew team, and a member of the leadership council.

A graduating senior, Etten-Bohm will attend graduate school and study tropical meteorology at Texas A&M.

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