Earth System Science Center and Department of Atmospheric Science at The University of Alabama in Huntsville

4 win AMS presentation awards

Ringhausen, left, Feng, Lyza and Apke

Ringhausen, left, Feng, Lyza and Apke

A quartet of ATS graduate students won individual awards for their presentations and posters at the American Meteorological Society’s most recent meeting in New Orleans.


Jacquelyn Ringhausen, a UAH graduate student in atmospheric science, won third place in the graduate student poster. Her research uses data from satellite and ground-based instruments, looking for correlations that would let her use measurements of a lightning stroke’s wave pattern (duration, altitude, etc.) to predict when the ISS-based Lightning Imaging Sensor should be able to see the flash from space.


Doctoral candidate Nan Feng won an AMS outstanding student presentation award for his talk at the Aerosols-Clouds-Precipitation Symposium. Feng’s research uses satellite sensors to look at the climate effects of aerosols (caused by natural and manmade forest fires) that float above clouds over the Atlantic Ocean near the coast of southwest Africa.


Atmospheric science doctoral student Tony Lyza won the student competition at the 18th Symposium on Meteorological Observation and Instrumentation for his talk comparing observations from the NWS Hytop radar and ARMOR during a July 2015 storm system that produced several small tornadoes.


Jason Apke, a doctoral student in atmospheric science, was named the best student presenter for his talk at the Symposium of New Generation Operational Environmental Satellite Systems. He is studying the use of GOES super rapid scan animations to study vorticity and divergence in deep convection storms.


There has been speculation this might be UAH’s biggest ever “haul” from an AMS meeting, but biggest or no, congratulations to each of our UAH winners!

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