Earth System Science Center and Department of Atmospheric Science at The University of Alabama in Huntsville

3 win research funding from UAH

Faculty and research staff affiliated with the Earth System Science Center and the Atmospheric Science Department won four internal research grants this spring worth more than $150,000 through two programs administered by UAH’s vice president of research.

Kevin Knupp, a professor of atmospheric science and director of the new Severe Weather Institute — Radar and Lightning Laboratories, led the way by winning grants through both the Research Infrastructure Funding (RIF) program and the Individual Investigator Distinguished Research (IIDR) program.

Udaysankar Nair, an assistant professor of atmospheric science, won an RIF grant, while Themis Chronis, an ESSC research scientist, won a IIDR grant.

Knupp will use funds from his RIF grant to buy a new and larger trailer for the Mobile Integrated Profiling System, a suite of trailer-mounted weather instruments that has out-grown its original platform. The IIDR funds will support ongoing research into external influences that might effect, initiate or enhance the formation of severe weather events, especially tornadoes.

Nair’s grant will allow him to buy the components needed to assemble 100 small, wirelessly-interconnected sensor stations for environmental or meteorological research and applications, while Chronis’ IIDR grant will support his work identifying lightning properties that might provide an advance warning of severe weather events.

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