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  • StudentScience - Where will lightning strike?
  • WAAYTV - UAH data on 2011 tornadoes could provide better tornado prediction
  • ReportingClimateScience – The lower tropospheric temperature anomaly for August 2014 was 0.2C, according to data from UAH.
  • NewsWise - Global Climate Trend Since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.14 C Per Decade
  • Tuscaloosa News - Drought spreading across Alabama
  • Montgomery Advertiser - Drought spreading across Alabama
  • DecaturDaily - State dry, but not around here
  • - Tornado research by UAH on April 27, 2011 storms featured in cover story of meteorological journal
  • WHNT19 - Characteristics of Catastrophe: New Details on the April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak
  • WAFF 48 - Governor, scientists say EPA regulations would hurt Alabama
  • - Is Alabama going to miss a 100 degree day for the second straight year?
  • New York Times - Though Scorned by Colleagues, a Climate-Change Skeptic Is Unbowed
  • The Washington Post - Earth has warmest May on record, may signal warmest year in pipeline
  • - Near-Record May Warmth Could Lead to Strong El Niño
  • WHNT19 - What Causes Haze May Surprise You
  • The News Courier - NWS: June 5 storm an EF-1 tornado
  • WHNT19 - Lightning is dangerous, but it could also hold the secret to better tornado prediction
  • WAAY TV - White House climate change report refuted by UAH professor
  • Fox17Online - 2014 U.S. Tornado Drought Ends
  • TimesDaily - UAH team seeks pattern to storms
  • - Professors, students cook up something cool with airship
  • waayTV - White House climate change report refuted by UAH professor
  • - What does climate report predict for Southeast?
  • – What does UAH climate expert Roy Spencer think of latest government climate change report?
  • - Coldest place on Earth: Frozen destination in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula holds top spot
  • - State climatologist confirms January set cold records
  • - High Tech Weather (video)
  • – Happy Weatherperson’s day!
  • - Lightning jump might give warning of violent weather before radar can
  • amsclae - Mapa de floración de algas
  • - UAH, Baron Services in Huntsville sign deal to provide internship, research opportunities for students
  • The Reporter - Busted forecast led to days of snow, ice problems in central Alabama
  • The Almagest - Landslide sensors may save lives worldwide
  • - Searching For Dead Geometries Amidst The Trees
  • New York Ag Connection - UAH Atmospheric Scientists Chasing Lake-Effect Snows
  • WHNT Channel 19 - Did You Know? The Alabama State Climatologist Helps Recruit Jobs
  • - UAH research team to study lake-effect snow
  • Reporting climate – November Temperatures +0.19C Above Average Says UAH
  • - Southern snow chasers? UAH science team joins the hunt for lake-effect snow
  • - UAH research into April 2011 tornadoes uncovers insights
  • - Scientists brave Old Man Winter to dig out secrets of lake-effect snows
  • Wisconsin Ag Connection - Study: Warming Since 1950s Partly Caused by El Nino
  • WAAY TV - UAH climatologist captures timelapse video of comet
  • - El Nino may be partially responsible for global warming since 1950s
  • - Warming since 1950s partly caused by El Nino
  • - Global warming will occur more slowly than expected, UAH study by climate expert Roy Spencer says
  • The News Courier - Drought conditions likely to return
  • Piers Morgan - Piers Morgan opens the floor for a feisty debate on climate change
  • The Daily Caller - Study: El Nino caused half the global warming since 1970s
  • Reporting Climate – Paper Suggests Half of Global Warming is Natural
  • WAAY TV - New technology could save lives around the world
  • The Hindu - Wireless sensors for predicting landslips being tested
  • The Marietta Daily Journal - Ala. university study suggests topography can have influence on tornado strength
  • – Moore, Oklahoma Tornado: What Turned It Violent?
  • livescience - Incredible Technology: How to Map a Lightning Strike
  • The Weather Channel - 2011 Tornado Superoutbreak Study Affirms Theories About Causes
  • Montgomery Advertiser - Fall forecast: ‘Normal’ temps and rainfall for Montgomery area
  • - Birmingham, Huntsville part of nation’s highest-risk tornado corridor, study by UAH researcher finds (photos)
  • MailOnline - Climate change models may not have been accurate after all as study finds most widely overestimated global warming
  • FoxNews - Climate models wildly overestimated global warming, study finds
  • Claims Journal - Device Gives Scientists Front-Row Seat to Lightning Strikes
  • Montgomery Advertiser - Cool, cool summer: Alabama hasn’t seen any triple-digit days yet
  • The Daily Sentinel - Summer to go down as one of coolest
  • - Summer temperatures miss 100-degree mark in Alabama for only 4th time in 130 years
  • WKRG - Cool Words on Alabama’s Summer by the State Climatologist
  • - Alabama’s cool summer generates hot discussion among readers
  • WSFA - Alabama summer 2013 one of the coolest on record
  • WHNT - The Summer of 2013 one of the Coolest/Wettest
  • - Summer of 2013 among coolest on record in Alabama, continues cooling trend, climatologist says
  • TimesDaily - Wet and mild
  • The Hindu - Smartphones for Western Ghats conservation
  • The Hindu – Sensor-based landslip prediction system for Idukki?
  • RF Globalnet - Dual Radar Storm Analysis Technique Works Even With One, Research Says
  • - UAH student research group finds evidence of climate change in Panama
  • Redstone Rocket - Severe weather research lab coming to UAH
  • TimesDaily - Shoals’ weather a roller coaster
  • Eufaula Tribune - Barbour County wet weather brings cooler temps
  • Heartland - Issue #96: Climate Scientist Christy Presents Data Showing No Crisis
  • - UAH scientist Roy Spencer testifies before Senate, downplays human impact on global warming
  • – Hear what this author has to say about global warming on July 2
  • TimesDaily – May was 15th coolest on record
  • – What do satellites, fish kills and farming have in common? They’re all part of a new UAH-NASA study
  • – Redstone Arsenal blob mystery solved – Officials say radar anomaly caused by chaff from testing
  • - Too many storm chasers on road can be dangerous
  • - Lightning may hold the key to earlier tornado warnings
  • - Climate change scientists, deniers clash in W.Va.
  • the Fiscal Times - 5 Science Breakthroughs That Can Help Predict Tornadoes
  • - UAH scientists studying role of topography on tornadoes
  • The Madison Record - UAH grad student trains Madison teenagers in geographic technology
  • Catholic Online - Dr. Roy Spencer on Global Warming, ‘No one knows’
  • The Huffington Post -January 2013 Temperatures Make It Second-Warmest In 35 Years
  • -2012 the 9th hottest year in Alabama history, according to National Climatic Data Center
  • Scottsboro Daily Sentinel - 2012 is one of warmest on record
  • - Leaked UN climate report slammed for citing WWF, Greenpeace
  • Scottsboro Daily Sentinel - Christy to speak on weather and health
  • - January Declared Second-Warmest in 35 Years
  • - Global Temperature Trend Update: January 2013 – 2nd Warmest
  • El Dia (Argentina) - La temperatura global ha subido más de una décima de grado en 30 años

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